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Update Gnome icon cache

When a new icon theme is installed and selected, some applications do not show all their icons. It’s mostly because the icon cache is not up-to-date.

You can fix this problem, without logging out, by rebuilding the GTK+ icon cache using the following command:

gtk-update-icon-cache -f /usr/share/icons/<THEME_NAME>

I am Xubuntu/XFCE user but this should apply also for any GTK environment

How to reset Gnome 2.x settings to defaults without re-installing

For those times you have been playing around with the Gnome settings and ended up with an ugly desktop or run into a problem, there is a simple way to reset your desktop settings.

All of Gnome’s customizations are located in their own specific folders, these settings are user specific and they are in your /home/myaccount folder. If you remove all these folders, you essentially remove all the settings and your Gnome desktop will go back to its defaults.

Keep in mind that this will only reset your Gnome-specific settings. If you are having problems with your video card, display, x-server, etc., this will not fix your problems.

Drop to a terminal by hitting CTRL + ALT + F1 and login to your account. Be sure to be in ~/ and run

$ sudo service gdm stop
$ rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity
$ sudo service gdm start

The Gnome login will come up automatically and once logged in it will be just like the first time.

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