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Disable IPv6 on Raspberry Pi3+

To disable IPv6 and avoid the module loaded in memory just edit /etc/modprobe.d/ipv6.conf:

alias net-pf-10 off
alias ipv6 off
options ipv6 disable_ipv6=1
blacklist ipv6

Raspberry Pi: how to clone a SD card

I had to clone a SD card for my Raspberry Pi. DiskDump (dd) did the job.

Source: sdc, destination: sdi

dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdi bs=8M

dd has not a verbose output but we can get some progress information sending periodically the SIGUSR1 signal

watch -n2 "sudo kill -SIGUSR1 $(pidof dd)"

The output every 2 seconds:

7969177600 bytes (8.0 GB) copied, 587.801 s, 13.6 MB/s
954+0 records in
953+0 records out
7994343424 bytes (8.0 GB) copied, 590.067 s, 13.5 MB/s
957+0 records in
956+0 records out
8019509248 bytes (8.0 GB) copied, 591.918 s, 13.5 MB/s
960+0 records in
959+0 records out
8044675072 bytes (8.0 GB) copied, 593.774 s, 13.5 MB/s
961+1 records in
961+1 records out
8068792320 bytes (8.1 GB) copied, 595.125 s, 13.6 MB/s

Discover / find the IP of your RaspBerry Pi

If you install Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi and connect it to the network, the system will boot up and will try to get an IP via DHCP. Then it can be easily accessed through SSH (enabled by default) but, how do you get the IP of the Raspberry the first time?

To check all the devices present in the network I always use the useful tool arp-scan which provide a list of MAC address for every found device. Knowing that the first 3 octets of the Pi’s MAC address, also knows as OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier), is always B8:27:EB, will be easy to filter the results and find out our Raspberry.

sudo arp-scan -I eth1 -l | grep b8:27:eb    b8:27:eb:ae:29:bc    (Unknown)

-I eth1” specifies the network interface, it can be omitted if it is the usual default value eth0
-l” means to scan in the local network

My Raspberry is found at Seems arp-scan has not its MAC OUI/NIC database updated, identifying the device as “(Unknown)

To verify the MAC address found belongs effectively to a Raspberry device we can use nmap which seems to have an updated database:

sudo nmap -sP | grep B8:27:EB
MAC Address: B8:27:EB:AE:29:A3 (Raspberry Pi Foundation)

The Raspberry is reachable through SSH (default password: raspberry)

ssh pi@

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