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How to reset the password of MySQL database on your Synology

I forgot the password to access the database on my NAS Synology DS209. Here how to reset it:

  • Go to the Main Menu > Control Panel > Restore Defaults page of the web management UI (actually DSM v4.0).
  • Click Reset MySQL Database Password and then click Apply.


 Password of MySQL database will be reset to blank.

Install IPKG on Synology DS209 and similar models based on DSM4.0/DSM4.1/DSM4.2

Since DSM4.0 has been released, the usual procedure to install the ipkg package manager doesn’t work anymore. Following is my procedure to install ipkg on my Synology DS209, tested with DSM4.0-2228, DSM 4.1-2636, DSM 4.2-3248, but it should work also on different models.

First, which cpu has my DS209? It’s a Marvel KirkWood mv6281 (link). Go on with the bootstrap script.

cd /volume1/@tmp
sh syno-mvkw-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm.xsh

Edit /root/.profile and add immediately after the line starting with PATH= /opt/bin:/opt/sbin: in order to obtain

export PATH

Do not add that at the end of the PATH because actually there are two wget binaries, one in /opt/bin and the original by Synology in /usr/syno/bin/wget. When you run the ipkg update command an instance of wget is open and only the first one must the invoked.

Reload the profile and delete the bootstrap script.

. /root/.profile
rm syno-mvkw-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm.xsh


One additional step if you have a previous release than DSM4.0-2228

Ipkg works inside /opt while on Synology that directory is called @optoware instead, so edit /etc/rc.local in order to obtain

mount -o bind /volume1/@optware /opt
# Optware setup
[ -x /etc/rc.optware ] && /etc/rc.optware start
exit 0

Reload rc.local setting


Check if the binding is correctly set, with a simple

mount | grep bind

you should get

/volume1/@optware on /opt type bind (bind)


Use of ipkg

We can download the packages list

ipkg update

To know all the packages available:

ipkg list

Now we can install one of the available package, for example nano and wakelan

ipkg install nano
ipkg install wakelan

To uninstall a package

ipkg remove <package name>

To know all the packages installed:

ipkg list_installed


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