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USB to Serial converter HL-340: download 32 and 64 bit windows drivers (PID/VID 4348:5523)

Due to some reasons I had to run Windows XP on Virtualbox. After connected my classic pretty blue usb/serial cable converter, I found out that, as usual, Windows couldn’t recognize it. I wasted lot of time to find the appropriate working driver.

The converter is identified as

ID 4348:5523 WinChipHead USB->RS 232 adapter with Prolifec PL 2303 chipset

Factory website:

Chip page:

I don’t have the time to investigate because lsusb reports that it mounts the chip PL2303 while Windows XP identifies it as USB-SERIAL CH340, but I guess this is due for some “cloning” reasons.
Anyway here are the most updated windows drivers I could find:

32 bit: ch341_hl-340_windows_drivers_32bit

64 bit: usb_serial_converter_ch340_windows_x64_drivers

Hope it helps.

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